Traditional Taekwon-do training for youth

All people benefit enormously from the physical balance that the regular Tae Kwon-Do training brings. The dynamism, the action and the power of our martial arts lessons meet the temperament of today’s youth. Spectacular kicks, movement sequences and techniques for defence simultaneously demand both physical and mental. Here, the energy can be shaped and the body can be brought to a training level, which friends in fitness studios can only dream of. There is hardly a muscle that is not activated and trained during the training of our martial arts! Beginning at a young age, regular training of a martial art can become a faithful and valuable companion for the whole of life, an almost inexhaustible source of energy.

But also an intellectual component of the Tae Kwon-Do training is not to be neglected here: the learning of martial art’s own etiquette and fairness, the joint training and exploration of the physical boundaries as well as possibilities has a positive effect on the character and personality development. The courtesy, greetings and bowing in the Dojang (training hall) promote mutual respect and recognition. This, in turn, creates self-confidence and helps to emerge from itself. This also affects everyday life, where, for example, it is much easier to hold a presentation before the class.

Not to despise is also the possibility, with the study of a martial arts the possibility of an interesting main or second profession to create. We are always looking for ambitious athletes who are looking for a training program! Tae Kwon-Do, can offer you plenty of opportunities.

Intensely trained, professional martial arts and martial arts teaching staff.
Continuous lessons, even during the holidays.
The undisturbed atmosphere of a private school.
A perfect equipment of the premises.
Lessons in small groups.
Long-term motivation through diligence bonuses and belt tests.
Similar to a music, ballet, or riding school, we take our lecture seriously and meet with it with high professionalism, reliability and willingness to perform.
Entry into a seamless training series, which can lead to the professional image of a master and headmaster.

The opportunity one day to join the official ‘ Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do National Team’

A discount 25-50 percent is given by Cyprus Universities to National Team Members

The opportunity  to work as a Traditional Taekwon-do instructor