Traditional Taekwon-do traininig for Kids 4+5 years old ' Babinis '

Kids these days and more than ever need to exercise. This will help them to stay away from the electronics and learn to be lazy. Threw our program we create a more healthy way of living and behaving by teaching them to be active.  Strengthening their body and mind is an absolute need  for kids from a young age
Our ‘ BABINIS ‘ program, is designed specially for kids 4+5 years old and contains elements from Taekwondo. Threw this program we prepare kids at least for kindergarten and school with age-appropriate martial arts elements.
Taekwondo is particularly suitable for self-defense for children. Our lessons are always designed in such a way that the children progress systematically and achieve quick results so as not to lose the fun. 
Self-defense in this context means being able to assert yourself against people of the same age in a positive way. Likewise, it means knowing who is a stranger and who is not. To be able to say no.
Traditional Taekwon-do teaches important values ​​and skills for life. With discipline and a great teaching structure, we offer safety, movement and fun for children with Taekwon-do.

balance – agility – coordination – skill – fitness – force – Tempo and timing – Teamwork