Grand Master Petros Agamemnonos Petrou - 6 Dan (Federation founder)


Traditional Taekwon-do learning is a lifelong effort, a continuous movement for the body and spirit that teaches us humbleness, respect, discipline, courtesy, integrity and self-control. The ultimate aim of the Taekwon-do is to create, not destroy.
Through long-term training we develop physical and mental skills, regardless of age and gender. We learn to surpass stress and physical and mental exhaustion, by knowing ourselves better. Through self-motivation, we improve our coordination and learn not to ever give up! It is an unending challenge, a lifelong learning, an opportunity of balancing body and spirit.
Its a beautiful journey full of experiences.
A way of Life
Petros Agamemnonos Petrou


  • 1976 , Born in city of Larnaca / Cyprus
  • 1989 , Begins Taekwon-do Traditional at Mr. A. Shaeles school in Paphos
  • 1993 , Becomes Black Belt 1st Dan in Paphos by Grand Master  E. Papadellis
  • 1994 – 1996 , Join Cyprus army as Officer
  • 1999 , Becomes Black Belt 2nd Dan in New York City by Grand Master Kwon , Jae – Hwa
  • 1996 – 2000 , Graduate from Cyprus Paramedic School in Nicosia
  • 2001 , Establish ‘ Traditional Taekwon-do center Limassol / Omonias Avenue ‘
  • 2005 , Becomes Black Belt 3rd Dan in New York by Grand Master Kwon , Jae – Hwa
  • 2007 , Becomes Black Belt 4th Dan in Bad Tolz (Germany) by Grand Master Kwon, Jae- Hwa
  • 2015 , Becomes Black Belt 5th Dan in Korea (Taekwon-dowon) by Grand Master  E. Papadellis
ng of about 700 active members
  • 2016 , Establishes and Register official ‘ Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do Federation’
  • 2016 , Becomes Black Belt 6th Dan in Ireland by S.G.M Hee Sang Ro (President of WMK ASSOCIATION)
  • 2016 , Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do National Team Coach
  • 2017 , Establish Traditional Taekwon-do Center Limassol / Kapsalos
  • 2018 , Establish Traditional Taekwon-do Center Limassol / Pissouri
  • 2019 , Establish Traditional Taekwon-do Center Ag. Ioannis Limassol
  • 2019 , Team Cyprus winners in Circus Krone / Munich
  • 2019 , Celebrates 30 years Traditional Taekwon-do in Cyprus with the participation of 500 students and International Guests from Austria and Germany
From 1989 till today has travelled and participated in Competitions / Demonstrations representing Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do worldwide
Is the highest rank Master in Traditional Taekwon-do in Cyprus with his Certificates recognized by CSO Cyprus Sports Organisation and by the Official Korean Taekwon-do Organization
Is responsible for the Traditional Taekwon-do system development in Cyprus, with the Federation schools consisting of about 700 active members


 Traditional Taekwon-do active since
25 September 1989