Traditional Taekwon-do training for kids 6-11 years

The primary school for children is a further important development stage for the mental as well as physical development. Teaching is designed to provide children with systematic progress and fast results. Your child receives a positive confirmation on a regular basis and is motivated to continue pursuing his or her goal. Our Traditional Taekwon-do for kids training program conveys more than martial arts or combat sports. It is intended to prepare the participants for the life and everyday life associated with it.
The students learn to share and to alternate with games or tasks with other children. They develop self-confidence and self-assurance. Improving linguistic abilities, developing physical strength, coordination and endurance are just as much a part of our teaching focus as the learning of fine motor skills. Furthermore, respectful and prudent behaviour as well as compliance with instructions and the assumption of responsibility are important teaching contents.
In our program for children 6 years and over, the following things are particularly important:
Balance · Strength · Skill · Timing · Agility · Fitness · Teamwork · Coordination · Tempo · Willpower · Auxiliary · Concentration · Respect – Self Confidence