Taekwondo - Self defense - Fitness - Motivation

Why Traditional Taekwon-do ?

a complete and safe martial art for all ages to improve quality of life and self defense skills

The training programs

Babinis 4+5 years old
Kids 6-11 Years

Important notes!

Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do Federation is official registered at CSO (Cyprus Sports Organization) and approved by the government and officials of the republic of Cyprus, as the only official Federation at the territory of Cyprus authorised and recognized to represent Traditional Taekwon-do  at National and International level. Only schools listed on our website are members of the Federation.

Martial arts were created in order an average person, height-weight-male/female, to be able to defend herself/himself against other humans and when in danger.
As a Traditional Martial art and the olderst style of Taekwon-do tought today we train our members in the Traditional way, training is based on realistic self defense and skills to be developed against bigger and heavier opponents. 
Threw the longtime and dedicated training our members should develop disciplines such as respect, humbleness, dignity,integrity and indomitable spirit. 
Martial arts should develop personality for a better contribution to the society.  
We train ourselves in Martial arts for a better quality of life and to be able to overcome everyday’s ‘battles’ and difficulties
G.M Petros Agamemnonos Petrou

Our style was first introduced in Cypurs on 1989 where the first school was established in city of Paphos. Today we are proud to keep our Kwon,Jae-Hwa Traditional Taekwon-do style growing and welcoming similar style schools under our Federation as a sports sector as well as Traditional Taekwon-do ITF schools (that combines Traditional and ITF style in their teaching)

All schools of Traditional Taekwon-do and combined/similar styles are welcome to join us!

Friendship tour 2024 – 14-16, June / Regensburg, Germany + 17-19, June / Villach Austria

27.10.2024, Traditional Taekwon-do Gala in Circus Krone, Munich (Germany), TEAM GERMANY – TEAM CYPRUS competition

25.05.2025, International Seminar and demonstration in Villach, Austria

31/10-2.11.2025, ’60 years Traditional Taekwon-do in Europe’ celebrations/seminars/demonstration/Gala will take place in city of Limassol, Cyprus

21.9.2024 / 23rd Federation Beach Training

13-15.12.2024 / National Championship