Traditional Taekwon-do training for adults

In every phase of life the opportunity arises with the practice of a martial art, For example, Tae Kwon-Do (also called Taekwon-Do or Taekwondo, or simply called “Korean karate”) and to draw from this a great benefit for physical and mental health. In particular, adults who are strongly required for work and / or family life find a good balance and the possibility to recharge the battery. In the course of the lesson, everyday stress can be effectively counteracted, so that typical discomfort in the back or knee area can be greatly alleviated or even disappear completely if the body is restored to its original motility.

Why Taekwon-do?

Are you looking for a sporty compensation for your professional life? You want to improve your fitness? Shutting off the job? Perseverance and strength of will and strengthen your self-confidence? Varied and versatile as with hardly any other sport, you can optimise your fitness, endurance and agility with a traditional Taekwon-do after a short training period.

The goal of the training

The training in the traditional Taekwondo differs significantly from a competition-oriented martial arts training. Training goal is not a winning competition or tournament success. The so-called “Korean Karate” is a traditional martial art, with the aim of increasing physical performance, as well as a fundamentally better sense of life.
Balance and more power for life. These are attributes that speak for Traditional Taekwondo.

The mind also benefits:

Unlike in the case of uniform movements, such as running and cycling, body and mind are required in the technique exercises. Thus a high concentration is given, whereby a positive effect succeeds: the disconnection of unwanted thoughts and a “to come to oneself”.
Better safe than sorry

Of course, this martial art also includes a self-defense program, thus offering a high level of safety, health and fitness, as well as increasing self-confidence. It is important to distinguish precisely between self-defense for children, women and men. The phase before the physical violence is decisive, whether someone comes from a conflict or threat.

Combat sport in general and taekwondo in particular is more versatile and versatile than most other sports.
The so-called “Korean Karate” is a traditional martial art, with the aim of increasing physical performance, as well as a fundamentally better sense of life. We see people not as a collection of muscles, but as a whole. Physical fitness is only the first step on the success ladder to a happier and more lifelike person. Health, strength, strength on the physical side and strength of will, endurance and flexibility on a ghostly level help to create a different way of life, based on the experience of self-efficacy and a newly developed self-confidence.
Fighting as a passion

Everyone should set goals in his life. This is good and right. An old sailing wisdom says: If you do not know your goal, there is no wind for you …
Even a Taekwondo beginner is correct when he sets himself a goal, for example to reach the black belt. At the beginning you still need the concrete goal you want to achieve. In fact, the taekwondo begins with the black belt. And the training starts without the successes visible at first sight. You only train for the sake of practicing. Self-improvement is the idea you should pursue. The training to perfection is the constant passion, which should be drive. I admit that it is difficult to train without own expectations of the lessons. There may be lessons that are not so much. Others that are preferred.
As a teacher I know about your conflict and am also characterized by expectation. But I can only advise you not to surrender.
Try to trust. Get free from expectations and train diligently. So you will be stronger and continuously improve your technique. This is the way to perfection. Even if it is always a step ahead and we never reach it.
Community of individualists

It is very important to me that besides the sporting aspect, the community is not neglected. I am talking about our Taekwondo family. Oh, some, spontaneously, some will now notice, this is such a conspiratorial community to which outsiders must first earn the “entrance”. Clearly, yes, we are a community, amalgamated amid the impressions of joint trainings, events, courses and friendships. But we would like to welcome everyone who devotes himself to the Taekwon-do.