Traditional Taekwon-do training for Seniors

Taekwondo for “Golden Ager”
Fit, flexible and healthy into old age
Antiaging for everyone
“If you rest, you rust” – this is why it is necessary, especially at an advanced age, to exercise regularly. If you mean now: “I’m too old for traditional Taekwondo”, then we will be happy to convince you of the opposite. In contrast to other martial arts, we understand traditional Taekwondo as a way of life that has a holistic effect on body and mind. This martial art can be learned at any age. 

Taekwondo is the perfect anti-aging program:

trains your mobility, oxygen supply and your cardiovascular system
improves your stamina, coordination, and your muscle building and maintenance
strengthens your spirit and a good mood through meditative forms of movement

Health and quality of life
From 50+, Taekwondo is less about fighting against external opponents, but more against the inner opponent within you. It is not for nothing that grandmasters of Asian martial arts are much more vital, flexible and above all – healthier in old age! The special thing about Traditional Taekwon-do training is that everyone trains together here. You will meet like-minded people and younger generations who will motivate you and keep you young.

In the training itself, in addition to martial arts techniques, self-defense and relaxing exercises  are taught.

You can come to all of our schools for training all year round. In addition or as an alternative, you can even take part online from home.

Convince yourself, improve your quality of life and at the same time learn how to defend yourself effectively.