Message from the President

Mrs Camilla Stromstad

The first Traditional Taekwondo school was established in Limassol in 2001 and today Cyprus Traditional Taekwondo Federation is thriving with  schools in the Limassol and Paphos region.
Our Federation under the leadership of GM Petros Agamemnonos and our teachers have accomplished to create a positive environment for its students being young children, teenagers, or adults.
The Grand Master and his team of teachers are applying positive psychology to their approach when teaching. The positive approach teaches the students, young or senior, respect of fellow students and teacher,
More importantly are the building of confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self -belief and self-respect to each student.
Our Federation offers training for those who would like to exercise on a higher level and try out for our national team and participate in national and international competitions and it offers training for the student who want to exercise and stay fit.
Through out the year the Federation will host local seminars focusing on special techniques; for example, kicks, sparring, Hyong, stretching etc
Through the work of our Federation co-operation and friendships has been developed with Traditional Taekwondo schools abroad.
We host events for foreign students and their teachers. Seminars and international competitions are typically parts of an event. Students, foreign and local, will meet each other on these events and form good friendships and bonds across the borders. The last international competition held, before the COVID virus, was won in Munich, Germany by our national team!! What a team effort!
Traditional Taekwondo learns you how to be optimistic by believing in your- self and never -never give up!!