Traditional Taekwon-do school Ag. Ioannis is the oldest federation school and was firstly established by Federatio Founder Mr Petros Agamemnonos in 2001 at Omonias avenue, Limassol
Since 2019 has moved at its own premises and in a building of 350 sq meters including training room, reception, office, changing rooms, store and a huge outside area which is also used for training
Is considered to be the biggest martial school on the island offering 6 different classes every day, Monday – Saturday (twelve months a year)
Is also the federation headquarter, testing and team Cyprus Taekwon-do training center.

School Instructors

Petros Agamemnonos – 6 Dan (Grand Master – Team Cyprus Taekwon-do Coach)
Anastasis Panagi – 2 Dan (Team Cyprus Taekwon-do Traditional leader and Sparring member)
Constantinos Xynobitis – 2 Dan (Team Cyprus Taekwon-do Traditional Sparring member)

Training schedule

16:00-17:00 / Kids 4+5 years old, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday
17:00-18:00 / Kids beginngers 6-12 years old, Monday – Friday
18:00-19:00 / Kids yellow – blue belts, Monday – Friday 
19:00-20:00 / Adults advance, Monday – Friday
20:00-21:00 / Adults beginners, Monday – Friday
08:30am-09:30am / Adults morning self defense and fitness class, Tuesday and Friday
09:00am-10:00am / Kids all belts, Saturday
10:00am-11:00am / Adults all belts, Saturday

School photos

Google map - School location