School Instructor:

Petros Agamemnonos – 6 Dan (Grand Master – Team Cyprus Taekwon-do Coach)

Contact info:

Tel: 99 99 99 11

Georgiou Averof and Antaiou Street, pc 3061

Agios Ioannis-Limassol


Google map - School location:

Training schedule

Kids 4+5 years old-Monday,Tuesday and Thursday,16:00-17:00

Kids beginners 6-12 years old-Monday till Friday,17:00-18:00

Kids yellow,green and blue belts- Monday till Friday,18:00-19:00 

Adults blue, red and black belts-Monday till Friday,19:00-20:00

Adults beginners yellow and green belt-Monday till Thursday,20:00-21:00

09:00am-10:00am / Kids all belts, Saturday

10:00am-11:00am / Adults all belts, Saturday and families

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