Traditional Taekwon-do BMS Paphos

Affiliation Ceremony

What an amazing event on Saturday 16th of October 2021 in Paphos‼
Special thanks to all students who travelled to Paphos and supported the event and the official affiliation of Traditional Taekwon-do BMS Paphos into our Federation, Team Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do and Federation High Dan holders for their great performance. Also a many thanks to all members of  Traditional Taekwon-Do BMS Paphos  for their great hospitality and special atmosphere created 
Dear Grand Master Anastasis, 
As the president of Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do Federation, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Grand Master Anastasis Tziamalis and Katerina Kytnrk. I would also like to welcome our teachers, the national team and fellow students from Paphos and Limassol.
I am very pleased so see so many dedicated Taekwon-do enthusiasts! 
At present Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do Federation has more than 600 students in all age categories from the youngest of 4 to one of older standing right here. 
Through the year our federation host several events: beach training, national competitions, and theme seminars. For our young red and black belts, we also host a training camp. This year the purpose is to gain extra knowledge about sparring. The camp will be held in Kakopetria. 
Now with COVID under control we can continue to maintain our close relation with Taekwon-do schools abroad. Our federation has over the years developed close relationships with schools in both Germany and Austria. 
Our next big event is the national championship in December. We hope to see you there either as a participant or in the audience. 
On behalf of our federation, I am proud to welcome Traditional Taekwondo- BMS Paphos and the instructors Grand Master Anastasis Tziamalis and Katerina Kytnrk as new members of the Federation.  
We look forward to seeing you both and your students at the federation’s future events.
Camilla Strømstad
President of the Cyprus Traditional Taekwon-do Federation